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Shanti Wellness is a place where you can help work on the whole YOU, your mind, body, and spirit. Our unique team approach focuses on you and your needs. Using proven techniques like yoga, meditation, massage therapy, and psychological counseling, we help you to be your healthiest self. Come see us today!

Continued Covid Precautions: 
- Class sizes will be limited to 16 students in a class. 

-Masks are optional.
- We will also be running 2 air purifiers with a UV-C light in the air chamber to sanitize and filter the air in the yoga room, these same air purifiers are in each massage room.  Hand sanitizer and various cleaning sprays will be placed throughout Shanti for staff and your use.
- If you do not feel well, have a cough, fever, or cold/flu like symptoms , PLEASE STAY HOME

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