Saturday January 22nd!

4pm to 8pm

Ayurvedic Nutrition and the Importance of Agni


with James Tennant Saturday, January 22


Cost: $, $35 in advance, day of event $40 


Balanced digestion is the cornerstone of good health in ayurvedic medicine. And balanced digestion starts with balanced nutrition.


Step outside the bounds of fad diets and reductionist science to learn the ancient wisdom of ayurvedic nutrition. 


Agni can be translated literally as the word fire but, as we study our existence through the lens of ayurveda, we come to realize that it represents far more. We begin to discover the subtle aspects of the fire element and the important role it plays in metabolism, transformation, and the health of our bodies and minds.


This workshop will discuss why nutrition is not a one-size-fits-all approach and how agni plays a vital role in how we process not only what we eat, but how it relates to our mental and emotional well-being.


In this workshop, we will• Analyze the six tastes of ayurveda• Understand food guidelines for doshic type and season• Explore the concepts of food combining and digestibility• Discuss the 40 subtypes and four classifications of agni• Integrate the importance of lifestyle and routine with digestive health• Discuss popular diet approaches through the lens of ayurveda


James will explain some of the causes of imbalanced agni and teach you how to reset your digestive fire.  He will also guide you through a short physical practice that will help you maintain strong, balanced, and healthy agni.