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Thai for Two


Join Kayla Kopf for this two hour workshop designed

for the complete beginner.


You may find yourself being gently pulled into a glorious twist, or perhaps you will be therapeutically sitting on someone’s leg.


You read that right.


In Thai massage, we like to sit on people, walk on people, and stretch them out in all kinds of ways. Some people refer to it as lazy yoga!


This class will not only teach you how to give and receive this unusual and amazing form of bodywork, but you will learn some relaxing meditation techniques and a little about the history and culture of Thailand as well.

No partner necessary, but feel free to register with a friend or loved one!


$35 per person or two for $60.

Wear comfortable clothes, bring water, and 2 yoga mats.

Acoustic Cosmic Sound Bath

and Gong Wash

"The future of medicine is frequency. Do you know that our soul is composed of harmony? You can look at disease as a form of disharmony and there's no organ system in the body that's not affected by sound, music and vibration."
Join husband and wife team, local musicians from Rusted Strings band, Scott & Danna, from an immersive 90- minute cosmic, transcendent sound cleanse and a chakra balancing meditation.
This time together will relax your mind and body, making you dive deeper into your own consciousness. An immersive and meditative journey that will shift your energy and cultivate healing. This experience will not only open your mind but think of it as a "massage for your soul". Absorb the varied tones and frequencies of this live sound healing through the sacred sounds of crystal singing bowls, bells, chimes, rattles, didgeridoo, drums and gongs, accompanied with sonic guitar scapes.
Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to set up your space. Dress comfortably, please bring any items with you that you like- yoga mat, blankets, pillows, eye masks and personal healing crystals.

Advance Registration $30

Day of Event $35



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