Hip Mobility Seminar

This 2-hour workshop is perfect for restriction in the hips, pelvis and low back. We will cover basic anatomy of the hip & pelvis-including hard, soft and energetic structures of the body; mobility and mindful movement of the hips/pelvis/low back will be explored; and, you will go home with a 20 minute self-care routine to address hip mobility. 



The overall goal is to release hip tension and restore mobility to your hip joint as well as offering awareness of our own hips.  The hips are the storehouse for old trauma and old emotions, which will also get released by utilizing a thoughtfully constructed sequence created by

Fran Candelaria, BA, MPH, LMT, YT. 


Who: Anyone looking to release tension in the hips, pelvis & low back. 

What do you need: Yoga mat & comfy clothes.

When: July 10th 2-4 pm

Cost: $40 Pre-Registration/$45 Day of Registration