Introduction to Subtle Body
with James Tennant
Saturday, May 7
Cost: $30.00 

In this workshop, James will present an overview of the many different systems that are at work within the subtle body or what might be referred to as the energetic body.
There will be an emphasis on relating to these systems and heightening our awareness around them. We will learn to observe how the subtle body is functioning and gain more practical approaches to applying our knowledge toward daily living.

We will discuss the body’s seven major chakras (energy centers) and five nadis (subtle channels).  There will be several short, effective exercises incorporating breathwork and mantra (sound therapy) that teach how to keep one’s energetic field harmonious, vibrant, and balanced. Visualization techniques that move prana (vital life force) within the subtle body, clearing the nadi system, will also be taught. Additionally, there will also be a discussion on the locations of several important marmani (acupressure points) and how to apply simple marma therapy.

These practices assist the body and mind in communicating efficiently on a cellular level helping us to achieve balance physically, mentally, and


You will learn how the doshas (three bio-dynamic forces which manage the qualities of the elements) and the vayus (forces of vital force) keep the physical body balanced and functioning at its optimal capacity.
You will be introduced to the koshas (sheaths of identifications) as well as granthis (psychic knots) and how the relate to our causal body.


Students will come away from this workshop with an outline of the subtle components that play a part in our everyday living. Once we have a more comprehensive understanding of these components, the scope in which we use to observe and move through life widens. A fresh perspective can then take place